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The Coming One World Government by Pastor Billy Crone, Parts 1 & 2

Pastor Billy Crone: The Final Countdown (Ultimate Version) A One World Government "Part 1 & Part 2" - In Part 2, Pastor Billy Crone reviews right from the European Commission Web Site, the PLOT of dividing up the World into "10" Regions. Nothing really new, as the Club of Rome has been PLOTTING such since the 1970's, but just to note the PLOT is not going away. Bible Prophecy fulfilling right before the ole Eye Balls.

Part 1

Part 2

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Pastor Billy Crone talks about how the European Commision has the World divided into 10 Regions. We have provided that link just below for perusal, as it is hard t to view the web address from the video sermon

European Commision World Regions. (10) 2009 last updated

Pastor Billy Crone also talked about how the Club of Rome was the original formed entity that started formiing the World into 10 Regions back in the 1970's. Link, immeditely below.

Club of Rome Scanned Document 1973 - Original 10 Regions


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