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  1. 'Killer robots' are not about Terminator
    A European signatory of an open letter about autonomous weapons says the imagery of fictional killer robots is distracting from a seriously dangerous issue.
  2. [Opinion] Macron goes east to test appetites for EU integration
    The next few months will be decisive in selecting who stays in the core of the EU and who stays behind, writes Tomas Prouza, a former state secretary for European Affairs of the Czech Republic.
  3. 'I thought I was safe in Europe'
    Arrest of Turkish dissident has again highlighted the way rogue regimes use Interpol to hunt their enemies inside the EU.
  4. [Ticker] Austria has begun checks at Italian border
    Austrian soldiers have carried out border checks at the Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy over the weekend, Euronews reported. The decision to deploy 70 soldiers at the border between the two EU member states was announced last week, to prevent migrants crossing on freight trains. Meanwhile, in Rome, police evicted some 800 migrants that had been squatting in a building near a train station in the Italian capital.
  5. [Ticker] Slovenian PM: Brexit talks will take longer than expected
    Slovenian prime minister Miro Cerar said in a Guardian interview, published Sunday, that the schedule for Brexit negotiations was "optimistic". “I think that the process will definitely take more time than we expected at the start of the negotiations," he said. "It was good we made a schedule but, of course, if you are realistic you cannot expect such fundamental issues to be solved in a few months."
  6. [Ticker] Merkel backs diesel while report warns of economic harm
    Germany's finance ministry said Monday that the scandal involving emissions cheating with diesel cars "must be classified in the medium-term as a risk to overall economic development", even though "its effects are not possible to quantify". The report came out a day after chancellor Angela Merkel had voiced support for the fuel at a campaign rally: "We need diesel if we are to achieve our climate protection goals."
  7. [Ticker] UK to publish new Brexit papers this week
    The United Kingdom will publish five new position papers this week, outlining its position in the Brexit negotiations. UK Brexit minister David Davis said Britain will propose "imaginative and creative solutions". According to the Financial Times, one of the papers will include a "new and unique" dispute resolution mechanism to replace the jurisdiction of the EU's Court of Justice. Next week will see the next round of formal talks.
  8. Brexit realities dawn in UK
    Just over a year after a small majority voted for Britain to leave the EU, new realities are dawning on both the in and the out camps.
  9. [Analysis] UK’s childhood obesity strategy - an EU blueprint?
    One in three children aged between six and nine in Europe is either overweight or obese and the epidemic is threatening to bankrupt health services.
  10. Death toll rising from Barcelona attack
    Twenty-four different nationalities among dead and injured in "jihadist" van attack on model of previous ones in France, Germany, and UK.
  11. [Ticker] Macedonia sacks top prosecutor over wiretap scandal
    Macedonia's left-wing-led parliament has sacked the country's top prosecutor, Marko Zvrlevski, over his handling of an investigation into a major wiretapping scandal. On Thursday, all 64 lawmakers from the governing coalition voted for the dismissal, while the conservative opposition walked out before the vote. More than 90 people, including former senior officials, have been charged in connection with the 2-year-old wiretap scandal, which brought down the previous government.
  12. [Ticker] ECB concerned stronger euro could derail economic recovery
    European Central Bank (ECB) governors are concerned that a further hike in the value of the euro, making exports less attractive and imports cheaper, could derail the economic region’s recovery. In minutes from their meeting on 19-20 July 2017, released on Thursday, they said there is a "risk of the exchange rate overshooting in the future". Some concerns were also voiced about "policy uncertainty in the United States".
  13. Austrian soldiers to stop migrants from Italy
    Austria is sending soldiers to stop migrants coming from Italy, while Bulgaria has said the EU should “defend” its borders by “force of arms”.
  14. [Ticker] Ireland continues to refuse €13 billion in back taxes from Apple
    Irish finance minister Paschal Donohoe told Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) newspaper that the European Commission's demand for Dublin to collect up to €13bn in back taxes from Apple was unjustified. "We are not the global tax collector for everybody else," he said. Last year, the EU ruled that Apple has to repay taxes to Ireland after finding the company had paid so little that it amounted to state aid.
  15. [Ticker] Mixed Irish reactions to post-Brexit border proposal
    UK premier Theresa May's ally in Northern Ireland, the unionist DUP, welcomed a position paper on managing the Irish border after Brexit as a "constructive step", while Sinn Fein called it "delusional". Sinn Fein's leader, Michelle O'Neill, said Britain's government cannot deliver on preventing the return of a hard border, noting "it will be the other European member states, who clearly think and believe we need to see customs controls".
  16. [Ticker] European Union returns to 2 percent growth
    There are signs of EU economic recovery, with Eurostat reporting 2.2% euro-area growth and 2.3% growth in the EU-28 over the second quarter of 2017, up from last year's 0.6%. Central/Eastern Europe was growing fastest: Romania (5.7%), Latvia (4.8%), Czech Republic (4.5%) and Poland (4.4%). The weakest growth was in Belgium (1.4%), Italy (1.5%), Finland and UK (1.7%), and France (1.8%). Data for seven EU states was not available.
  17. [Column / Crude World] Chinese road to riches or road to ruin?
    Behind all the money coming to Europe from China's 'New Silk Road' lurks a potentially explosive cocktail.
  18. [Ticker] Russian power most feared in Europe
    Climate change and the Islamic State (IS) are a bigger threat in the world than Russia, a fresh PEW survey showed. Globally, 31% said Russian power poses a major threat to their nation, compared to 62% for IS, 61% for climate change and 51% for cyberattacks and for the global economy. Europe is the region least confident in Russian president Vladimir Putin, with 78% expressing a lack of confidence.
  19. [Ticker] UK unemployment lowest since 1975
    Unemployment in the UK has fallen from 4.9% to 4.4%, its lowest level since 1975, according to official figures from the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS). There were 1.48 million unemployed in April-June 2017 - 57,000 fewer than for January-March 2017. The number of workers born elsewhere in the EU has continued to increase, but the annual rate of change has slowed markedly, the ONS added.
  20. [Ticker] Europe facing 'explosive cocktail' in its backyard, report warns
    "Europe is possibly facing an explosive cocktail of political (Russia, Turkey) and financial (China) meddling in its backyard," warns a new report on Geo-economic Implications of China’s New Silk Road by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. It recommends that the EU increases influence over its neighbourhood, particularly mentioning Serbia, Bosnia and Albania as countries that are vulnerable to economic shock and have a negative trade balance with China.