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  1. Defense Secretary Mattis: North Korea's missiles can't hit continental US
    Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Friday he does not believe that North Korea's current intercontinental ballistic missiles are capable of hitting the continental US.
  2. Tillerson confronts North Korean diplomat at UN
    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson slammed North Korea's representative to the UN on Friday, directly rebutting his claim that the US is to blame for tensions on the Korean peninsula and declaring that he and the White House are in lockstep on policy.
  3. UN official who visited North Korea sees 'high risk' of miscalculation
    A UN official who just returned from Pyongyang, where he spent several days speaking with North Korean officials, has said he is "really worried about an accidental move toward conflict."
  4. North Korean high-ranking official missing
    Reports that North Korea's second most high-ranking official to Kim Jong Un has vanished. CNN's Brian Todd reports on his whereabouts.
  5. Disney is buying itself a messy TV deal in Europe
  6. The satirical Saudi cartoon millions are watching
  7. Apple's iMac Pro goes on sale worldwide
    Apple has released its most expensive computer: iMac Pro.
  8. 'Super Size Me' filmmaker admits to misconduct
  9. Britain has lost 65K retail jobs since Brexit vote
  10. 5 kids who give us hope for the next generation
    What they lack in age, they make up for in ambition.
  11. 10 people who have earned the title "Hero"
    Their missions vary greatly: To provide loving homes for orphaned children, feed those in crisis or mend war's psychological wounds.
  12. Even Batman admires these super heroes
    Emmy award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown regularly turns in three-tissue performances on NBC's "This Is Us." Now he'll help present the emotionally stirring stories of 10 regular people working to improve the world one community at a time.
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  14. San Diego homes for sale
  15. Getting ready to sell? Find out what your home is worth now
  16. CNN's Ivan Cabrera takes an in-depth look at the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Indonesia.
  17. Toronto billionaire and philanthropist Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead in their mansion, CNN affiliate CTV reports.
  18. Reports that North Korea's second most high-ranking official to Kim Jong Un has vanished. CNN's Brian Todd reports on his whereabouts.
  19. Retired FBI Agent James Gagliano predicts most FBI agents will interpret President Trump's criticism of FBI as aimed at upper echelon.
  20. Your hero could be a CNN Hero!
    They're your friends, your colleagues, or someone you admire -- and they're doing extraordinary work to help others. Now we need YOU to tell us about them!