Holy Bible vs Quran

Comparing Jesus and Muhammad by Jay Smith

Even the Jesus of the QUR'AN is READ as far superior to Muhammad per Missionary Christian Unapologetic Apologist expert, Jay Smith, who will explain further in the below link titled Video. Click the below title link to Watch the Video in a New Window.

VIDEO: Comparing Jesus and Muhammad by expert Jay Smith

If Muslims want the real JESUS, the Muslims need to read the HOLY BIBLE. Jay Smith.

 About Missionary Preacher Jay Smith

A noted evangelist and apologist to radical Muslims at Speakers' Corner in London. Smith heads up Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, and emphasizes the use of Polemics with Muslims, over Apologetics. Lecturer and Debater with Muslim Scholars. Jay Smith is a missionary in London who devotes all his time to study, writing, and lecturing on the differences between Christianity and Islam. He has had an incredible career, going to Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London most Sundays, and exposing the errors of the Koran in debates with many of the greatest scholars and highest political figures in the Islamic world.

It's a dangerous assignment, and he gets beat up by angry listeners from time to time. But he loves Muslims and just keeps coming back to help them find the truth. Our prayer group prays for him every Saturday when it meets, and has done so for years.

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