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Article Link: What is the Latter Rain Movement? By Dr. Thomas Ice

 "One of the most significant influences within Evangelicalism the last twenty-five years has been the reemergence of "latter rain" theology.  Yet, many are not even aware that such an influence exists within modern Christianity.  Latter rain theology is sweeping the charismatic movement and revivalist evangelicals who believe that a global revival will take place before Christ will be allowed to return at the second advent.  Popular movements such as the Vineyard Churches, Promise Keepers, and likely a majority of charismatic churches and organizations imbibe deeply from the fountain of latter rain theology.  In this series of articles I want to trace the rise and development of the restoration and latter rain teachings that have been around for at least the last two hundred years.  Then, I want to explain why these views are unscriptural and are having a negative impact upon the literal interpretation of Bible prophecy. "  Dr. Thomas Ice.

Below, B.P.W., has index this 6-part Article by Dr. Thomas Ice for the reader directly. Each link offers a new window, so that the reader will not lose their place here on B.P. W.

Part 1: "The Latter Rain Revival Movement?"

Part 2: The "Latter Rain" Revival Movement Repackaged: Understanding Their Mystical, Metaphysical, Transformation 

Part 3: The "Latter Rain" Revival Movement

Part 4: The "Latter Rain" Revival Movement - Part IV

Part 5: The "Latter Rain" Revival Movement - Part V

Part 6The "Latter Rain" Revival Movement - Part VI