Book of Revelation

Pastor Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

The below video presentation is the beginning series of a youtube users playlist, which includes a 22 part series of the teaching of the Book of Revelation by Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Pastor Chuck Smith walks the viewer step by step, chapter by chapter, verse by verse of the Book of Revelation. Simply teaching the Bible simply. Again, the below video presentation is only part 1 of a 22 part playlist. If you wish to view the rest of the Teachings of the Book of Revelation by Pastor Chuck Smith please click here to view the youtube users playlist for the rest of this series.

Below, we are proving...

Revelation 1 Chuck Smith c4000

Revelation 2 Chuck Smith c4000 would be next video playlist to view at the youtube users site.

The rest of the playlist series as well all end with c4000. Just make sure you're viewing the video presentations chapter by chapter as noted above.

For the Official Web Site of Pastor Chuck Smith, please click here.