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Bible Prophecy Watchmen (B.P.W.), endeavors to further develop as a resource web site on the premillennialism (Chiliasm) view point. Namely, Christ’s physical second coming will occur prior to His physical millennial kingdom, and that the physical millennial kingdom is a literal 1000-year reign of Christ right on this current earth.

All reference links offer a New Window for the reader to peruse without losing their place here on B.P.W. For further information in regards to the premillennialism (Chiliasm) view point of eschatology , please visit here.

Bible Prophecy Watchmen (B.P.W.), endeavors to provide further resources of videos, sermons, teachings and articles alike authored either by Senior Theologians, Bible Teachers,  Pastors, noted Scholars or Students of eschatology, properly crediting them with a direct link to their official web site if any. B.P.W. is a resource web site only.

Bible Prophecy Watchmen (B.P.W.), stands firm on the Pre-tribulation Rapture of the Church (Church Age) as well. Please visit our developing link resources in regards to the Pre-tribulation Rapture.

God Bless.

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John Gerard Franklin
Webmaster and Student of Bible Prophecy

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